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 Welcome to Reset!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Reset!   Welcome to Reset! EmptyMon Jul 30, 2018 4:05 am

What is Reset RPG?

Reset is an RPG focused on placing characters in situations wherein their lives are at stake and must face the consequences of their actions and decisions. A mystery/escape genre RPG, it takes place in the tech metropolis Zion City, characters may be kidnapped or trapped into participating in events where they need to escape, with the most prominent form being that of the Probability Game.

What is the Probability Game?

The Probability Game is an event wherein characters will solve puzzles, make decisions, and cooperate with others in order to survive. Characters wake up to find that they have been kidnapped and trapped in an obscure location with no easy way out. Much like a tabletop game, a Probability Game will sometimes require the roll of a dice in order to decide if something happens within the character's favor. This can be as trivial as having to redo a puzzle or potentially losing life or limb. Another similarity with tabletop games is that the death of a character will not always be based on the will of the user, but rather what occurs as a result of the events that transpire in a Probability Game. If a character unsuccessfully rolls or picks a choice or is voted out by his/her teammates, then a character might die and be unable to return. As such, one must take note that one who partakes in Probability Games should be fully prepared to lose the characters they work hard on.

Most Probability Games occur within the city and end as soon as the game is finished. If a person wishes to enroll their characters in another game, it is more than possible. The nature of the Probability Game setup, therefore, allows users to make use of short bursts of interactive escape room fun.

What else is there?

Characters are capable of interacting outside Probability Games in Zion City in the roleplaying subforums. Perhaps characters want to find out about the people behind the games and work together to do so. Perhaps they want to engage in socializing at work or school or in their free time. Perhaps they're trying hard to move forward with their lives and forget about the things that happened during those games. Whatever the case, characters are free to explore before joining one cycle of a game. Another RPing aspect of Reset that might be of interest to chronic RPing endeavors is the S.S. Eden sub-forum of Reset.

What is the S.S. Eden?

S.S. Eden is a separate setting in the Reset universe that takes place five years before. While still in Zion City, characters here will be students of a prestigious academy selected to join a lottery cruise. Things eventually go south, however, when staff and crew start to go missing, and the cruise ship goes drastically off course. Here, students/faculty members on the ship will be prompted to find a way to get help as well as discover the meaning behind the mysterious happenings on the ship.

In contrast to the Probability Games wherein roleplaying takes place in short bursts and do not force players into the continuity of one long plot, roleplaying in the Eden subforum allows everyone to explore, contribute, and discover an underlying plot. Not all threads, however, will be controlled by a moderator gamemaster, and much like in Reset in general, people can still socialize and develop their characters using their own threads so long as they remain in the restricted setting.

Where do I start?

Before starting, please make sure to read to the rules on roleplaying as well as the game mechanics. After this, you'll want to read up more about the setting here. Once you're done, you're free to apply for a character in the Application sub-forum where a moderator will review your app. Once that's approved, you're free to roleplay!
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Welcome to Reset!
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