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 Makoto Uehara

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Name: Makoto Uehara
Age: 26
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Civil status: Single
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood type: A-
Personality Enneagram: Type 5- The Investigator

Physical Appearance

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120lbs


  • Critical Thinking: An exceptional problem-solver capable of detaching herself to analyze things from either a qualitative or quantitative point of view.
  • Mathmatical Prowess: Runs calculations in her head easily and exceptionally fast; she's by no means a savant but has exceptional focus when it comes to numbers.
  • Sharp Eyesight: In spite of her glasses, not only does she have an uncanny aim practiced from shooting crumpled papers from her desk into her far-off trash can, she also sees decently in the dark and can spot smaller things with fair ease.


Makoto is an overall mellow and unremarkable person who has a speech impediment that makes it somewhat difficult for her to speak and that has, for the most part, been what guided her social interactions. She gets along fine with people that can push past it but avoids people who give her shit for it, though never openly confronts them. Oddly, she's more of a public speaker and finds herself stuttering far less when giving classes rather than speaking one on one to someone. She's rarely nervous or fidgety, but her difficulty to speak makes her seem so.

Makoto's never been a particularly important presence in anybody's life, even her parents', but she's an extremely work-oriented and hard-working individual and her lack of personal ties doesn't bother her in the least - in fact, even if it did, it'd be unlikely someone would hear about it with how she mostly keeps her thoughts to herself. Essentially, her smarts are her saving grace: the only thing that makes her worth anyone's time is the fact she's not only exceptional with numbers but she's also not a half bad social thinker.


Makoto was the only child born to a couple of professors, her father teaching anthropology and her mother teaching chemistry, so the profession had always been her sole reference of success growing up. She grew up in Tokyo, always a smart kid who easily aced school though her difficulty to communicate made for a very thin social circle. Her parents had never been bothered about it though, putting her academic development above all else - she's used to working hard and enjoys doing so. She was admitted into Tokyo University on her first attempt and majored mathmatics, getting her degree with honors.

Immediately after graduating college Makoto moved to get a master's in mathmatical sciences; she graduated at twenty-five and began teaching university classes while working on both getting approved in a doctorate program (which she's startingly close to) and several research projects; by then her parents had moved off to the countryside to slow down the pace of their lives after retiring - which they'd long wanted to do. Now by herself in Tokyo, Makoto's human interactions are basically with coworkers and her students, whom she's startingly strict with.


  • Though her age would lead one to believe she's nearsighted, Makoto's actually farsighted.
  • Makoto has very few hobbies: they include jigsaws and rubik's cubes, and... bird-watching.
  • Is a very good drinker and can stomach a lot.
  • Knows how to speak English from academic life but is far from fluent, heavy accent still weighing her down.
  • She's admittedly never been the luckiest person, drawing the short straw most times.
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Makoto Uehara
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