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 Evie Jacobs

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Evie JacobsPlayer Interface
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Kanji Kan
Name: Evie Jacobs
Age: 25 Years
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Civil status: Single
Occupation: Baker
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: British
Blood type: AB+
Personality Enneagram: Type 1- The Reformer

Physical Appearance

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs


  • Baker's Delight: Evie is a great baker due to working in a bakery and her love for cooking. If she had the right tools and food then she would cook up the right kind of food for her friends and loved ones to make them feel better.
  • Food Expert: Evie is an expert on food. So she can point out if the food she is looking at is poisonous or not or whether or not it's raw or tasty.
  • Player of Knives: Throughout the years Evie would regularly use knives to make food and has used them well, even in defence. If Evie is given a knife, beware because she's good at slashing a lot of things.


Evie's a nice and friendly woman who is at times ditzy and meek. However, she knows and picks her battles and will often stand up for herself if people try to argue with her, however, due to her trauma awhile ago then she will freak out if it is triggered. But she will often try and calm down afterwards.

Evie tries to avoid drama and would like to be friends with everyone. Despite this she is very closed off of her past and doesn't want anyone to find out about it, she will often ignore people if they want to talk to her about her past. She tends to fiddle around with her hands when she's bored and cross her legs which is part of her odd behaviour in general.


Evie Jacob's didn't have that many memories of her parents. When she was 7 her parents died tragically in a car accident, leaving the girl in foster care with her younger brother Howard. Her cousins could have taken them in but due to having a very distant relationship with the family and having their own issues, they couldn't take the children in. Evie and Howard were passed around from foster home to foster home with the reason they keep getting transferred a lot is because of disclosed unknown incidents involving their foster families.

By the time Evie turned 18, she had enough and she and Howard moved out on their own. It took awhile but eventually, Evie managed to get a steady income by working in a bakery in the United States. Throughout the years Evie grew interested in the world of culinary thanks to one of her foster family members teaching her how to cook and for years she wanted to work in a bakery, which she finally did.

Unfortunately, her happiness was short lived when Howard died in a hit and run accident, which affected Evie greatly and caused her to take a leave of absence from her job. A few years had passed and Evie has now recovered from her brother's death. She is hoping to try and expand her hobby, like trying to actually own a bakery instead of working in one.

If nobody gets in her way that is.


  • Besides her love for cooking. Evie also has a love for violin's and frogs, she even is a pro on the violin. But she doesn't own a Frog due to being focused on her job and moving on from Howard's death.
  • She sometimes speaks in an odd manner.
  • She owns a lot of weird looking art sculptures around her apartment which she finds interesting.
  • Evie is asexual since she never really likes romance all that much.
  • She is not on speaking terms with her cousin due to her parents upsetting them in the past. She even has trouble remembering her name.
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Evie Jacobs
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