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 Facilitator #21: "M"

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Facilitator #21: "M" Empty
PostSubject: Facilitator #21: "M"   Facilitator #21: "M" EmptyWed Aug 01, 2018 2:23 am

Facilitator Profile #21

Serial number: 00987-31M

Nickname: "M"

Role: Ensures that the Probability Game runs smoothly. Permitted to deliver punishments as seen fit.

Appearance: "M" appears as a pixelated, disembodied, black cat heat against a green screen. While she only has one functioning eye (nothing but a stitched-up "x" mark being in the place of her other eye), she sees all through the many cameras located around the selected game facility. While she has no neck, one can see a light blue scarf wrapped around her forming a bow behind her head. She often displays a perky disposition, but be wary when her eye color goes from yellow to blue, because that means you might have a bad time.

Personality: "M" is a dainty little AI that enjoys torturing players and keeping them on their toes. She often appears upbeat, enthusiastic, and acts in a grandiose manner, trying to emphasize to players the importance of her presence. She is, however, prone to temper tantrums. Question her too much, complain, or do things other than the way that's intended, she may become very trigger happy. Best you keep her happy.
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Facilitator #21: "M"
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