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 About Genesis Academy

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Genesis Academy is a presitigious private secondary education boarding school on a islet not too far from Zion City. Only several hundred students are permitted each year from the several thousands of applicants. The aim of Genesis Academy is to not only guarantee their students' acceptance into top universities, but also prepare them for their determined career path based on the Zion City aptitude tests. Students are placed in different programs to provide them advanced learning in those said fields. These programs categorize students as to what section they are in and what classes they take.

Aside from these programs are two other programs known as the Elite and Special Programs. Students within the Elite Program are students who earned high aptitude scores in more than several areas and are provided the opportunity to engage in all within a balanced pace. It is also a requirement that Elite students at least have Sports and Athletics in addition to their other aptitudes. The Special Program refers to those who were taken into the university due to remarkable scores in one or more single areas in the aptitude test, but do poorly in others or in their academic achievements (it should be noted that all students need to at least have average scores in other areas and have no failing grades). It should also be noted that as of now, there is only one student in the Special class due to the Marview Incident and case.


Students at Genesis Academy are subject to different sets of uniforms based on the season as well as their program colors. The structure of the uniform during the regular seasons of spring and autumn consist of white shirts, sweaterr vests and blazers with the academy's insignia while girls wear pleated skirts and stockings and boys wear slacks and socks. All students also wear ties. During the summer months, the blazer and sweater vests will be traded for a blazer vest over the shirts with girls now sporting bows instead of tows and male students tie-less. In the colder seasons, students are provided scarfs and trenchoats.

List of programs and their associated uniform colors:

  • Applied and Natural Sciences (white)
  • Sports and Athletics (green)
  • Business (bright blue)
  • Humanities (yellow)
  • Social sciences (maroon)
  • Fine Arts and Design (red)
  • Film and Theatre (orange)
  • Multimedia Arts (teal)
  • Computer Sciences (grey)
  • Elite (navy blue)
  • Special (black)

General area

Genesis Academy is situated on an island with a mountain nearby Zion City. Consisting of multiple buildings and large green landscapes, it has an almost university-esque appearance to it, albeit to a smaller scale. Classes take place in buildings based on their programs while towards the east of the island and a cliff, one can find the multiple boarding houses (separated by both programs and gender). A field can be found to the far right where most of the sports are, and the faculty areas are located higher up near the mountain path. At the top of the mountain is a small temple-like structure with a monument to Zion City's founder. Benches along the many pathways can be found as well as wide courtyards and quadrangles. One of the few places where everyone does gather include the stadium during games and competitions, the dining hall, and the auditorium.
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About Genesis Academy
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