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 Differences Between Zetaboards and Forumotion

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Differences Between Zetaboards and Forumotion Empty
PostSubject: Differences Between Zetaboards and Forumotion   Differences Between Zetaboards and Forumotion EmptyWed Aug 01, 2018 4:49 am

Since Zetaboards and Forumotion are two different platforms, one might notice several differences with regards to posting. Both platforms still use BBCode, albeit with a few differences. Here are a few main ones:

Big Bad Toolbox: Forumotion has a larger toolbox. Aside from changing boldness, itaclized, and underlines, one can also change size automatically, there's a bullet and numbering option, and functions for inserting tables, links, and images. This greatly diminishes the need to write using raw BBCode and one can just press the toolbox buttons for easy text modification.

Editor Mode: Speaking of the toolbox, please note that when you post using BBCode to go to Editor Mode. Editor Mode is toggled with the last button on the toolbox (the white page with lines on it). Going on Editor Mode shows you the BBcode format, while not being on editor mode displays the text as how you'd see it when it's posted.

Notifications: In the upper portion of the forum, you'll be able to see a Notifications box. This box will notify you of any new posts in threads you are subscribed to. Threads you post in are automatically subscribed. If you find the notifications annoying, however, feel free to unsubscribe and keep an eye out on the forum site itself or in Discord.

Quirks in BBCode function: While similar, forumotion's bbcode is a little different from Zetaboards. Listed below are main code differences:

  • Font sizes are not doable using the [big][/big] and [small[/small] commands. Instead they use
  • Spoiler commands (
    cannot have titles added to them.
  • Table codes are entirely different and are more akin to html code. However, this is fixable by the table option provided in the toolbar that allows you to make tables immediately.
  • Quote boxes will always have "wrote" at the end of it, so adding titles to quotes will look odd. For instance
    The big dress wrote:
    The big dress is yellow

If you notice any other differences or are stuck with certain codes, feel free to ask the moderators! Happy roleplaying!
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Differences Between Zetaboards and Forumotion
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