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 You Have Been Selected!

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You Have Been Selected! Empty
PostSubject: You Have Been Selected!   You Have Been Selected! EmptyFri Jul 27, 2018 3:46 am

To: user00-XXXX
From: M
Subject: You have been selected!
It is with utter enthusiasm and deepest regret that I inform you of your selection in the Probability Game!

Probability Game? What does that mean? You've never heard of such a thing!

Well, of course you haven't! After all, only the luckiest downright suckers get to ever participate in the Probability Game!

To put it short, you have been chosen to probably, most likely, or maybe not, should you be oh so lucky, DIE due to an unfortunate series of events.

Don't panic, now! I said maybe. It really depends if you're willing to stop trying to pry the metal doors for escape and pay attention, dammit!

Calmed down now? Caught your breath and reading carefully? Good!

The Probability Game is, for lack of better words, a game of chance. You, and several other people have been placed within a facility wherein you may or may not die based on your choices and--you guessed it!--random luck.

Now, what will or will not happen in the game, I cannot say for sure. Every cycle presents a different set of circumstances, apparatus, environments, and ways of dying and surviving. What I can tell you is that no matter what the odds of what you face are, three things are certain:


1. Someone has to DIE. Or many someones. Point is, there is no way to save all of you or any way for you all to escape unscathed.

2. Someone can SURVIVE. Or (if you are ridiculously lucky) SOME of you survive. But there's no guarantee.

3. There are no second chances. Once your roll is done, your choice is made, your outcome decided, you cannot turn back. Accept what happens. So you might as well try not to expect the best.

Now, I could try you to tell your best. I could try to tell you to be hopeful and, with enough perseverance, you'll win!

Sadly, I cannot.

No, it is better that you face the elephant in the room and that is you have just as much (or little) of a chance of making it through this as everyone else you've been pitted against.

Still, here are a few tips on how to potentially increase your chances of surviving:

  • Pay attention to the instructions given to you. Never disobey because it could lead to a bomb in your gut exploding, a mine on the floor, a steel wire passing through your never know!

  • Think through your choices carefully! Sometimes you'll be pressured to make a decision in a certain amount of time, but in other circumstances, you can take your sweet time! If you happen upon the latter, think well! Making the wrong decision by accident could lead to your untimely demise!
    (Disclaimer: Anything can lead to your untimely demise and your choice-pondering may be in vain, but at least you tried, right?)

  • No killing one another! I mean, unless you're told to. Then, by all means, go ahead! Of course, that will usually be the result of a decision or a roll. If we just gave you weapons for an kill fest that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

  • Roll, roll, roll, people!

  • Don't get attached. Seriously, though, don't. It just makes things all the more harder. Be it person or place or inanimate object. No, I don't care if that chair is super comfy! Leave it be!

  • Don't bother trying to escape by any other means than the game itself. No, really, you're just wasting precious decision-making and rolling time.

Welp! That's all the help I can give you! I hope that you have a fun time in this cycle. There are no resets, remember that!

Good luck and happy dying playing!

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You Have Been Selected!
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