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PostSubject: About the World   About the World EmptyFri Jul 27, 2018 3:47 am

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Subject: About the World
It's the year 203x and, no, aliens haven't taken over the galaxy. We're not run by some totalitarian government, either. Technology hasn't tried to destroy humanity, either. The world you knew in the 2010s is pretty much the same now.

What? Were you expecting to be in a dystopian fantasy or post-apocalyptic society?

Sucks for you, the only interesting that's gonna happen is that your character might die.

But something must have changed over the past decade by even just a little bit, right? Probably, maybe. CocaCola company's changed its logo again. They can never seem to make up their mind...

But I digress. A few significant events that took place that may or may not be related to what's going to happen in this universe can be found below:

  • Through an unlikely turn of events, the motion for the biogregion of Cascadia (British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon) to become an independent country has been granted.

  • Lillith, a successfully functioning artificial intelligence android created by Exodus, is now commercially available. While initially only available in Japan in 2019, she can be found at many high-class establishments, often in the form of an attraction or service unit.

  • The popular animated series The Simpsons aired its final episode earlier this year.

  • Zion was named 4th top tech city in the world.

  • Japan has successfully established LUNA, a robotic moon base.

  • Lady Gaga died two years ago in September.

  • Biofuels have finally become cost-competitive!

  • A new dictator has been named in North Korea. Unfortunately, he died prematurely of a heart attack.  What is to happen next has not been disclosed.

  • Star Wars XX is out.

  • More and more areas of the Netherlands has started to flood, and as a result, corporations are attempting to resolve it by creating a "floating country".

  • After venturing into the Bermuda triangle, a ship of students and teachers from Zion Academy has resurfaced with approximately 100 people dead including crew members.

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About the World
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