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 General Rules

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General Rules  Empty
PostSubject: General Rules    General Rules  EmptyFri Jul 27, 2018 3:47 am

We're all grown-ups here, so you are expected to act as such. A quick run over of what you need to do to stay out of trouble, what is allowed, what isn't allowed, and what can be up for debate can be found below. While manners expected of adults are also pretty obvious, they have been listed down, too.


A. Role-playing will be the main activity of the site.

B. Posting Out of Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to a minimum. If done, please enclose in brackets and say they're Out of Character.

C. Please use proper grammar and spelling as much as possible. Don't substitute things like the words you, to, and are for single letters/numbers. Aside from being utterly confusing, it's also soooo 1990's.

D. Posts should be written in third-person narrative form. If you don't know what this is, please ask a mod about it.

E. The forum follows a posting order for role-playing and that would be as to who went first, second, third, etc...must repeat the cycle in the same order.

F. In role-playing threads be they general discussion or a game cycle, you are not allowed to double post or make more than one post consecutively. If this is done by accident, you may ask a mod or admin to have it deleted. The EDIT button will be deactivated in game cycles so please be sure to double-check your content before posting. The reason for this is to avoid people from trying to redeem mistakes they make in-game.

G. The depiction of sex is forbidden. This means role-playing in relation to the sexual act or similarly graphic content should be faded to black, though it is preferred that it is avoided in general. You may role-play the moments leading up to it, but not the acts in themselves. I mean, your characters are trying to survive, dammit! Sex can wait!

H. Rape and pedophilia may not be portrayed. Gore is allowed, especially considering the nature of the game, but Keep it reasonable.

I. Show respect to everyone on the forum at all times. This rule extends the Chatroom.

J. If your character dies, he/she cannot be brought back under any circumstances. As of now, dead characters are to remain dead. This includes cloning (not like cloning can be done in our setting, now can it?). Severe injuries such as limb losses, blindness, disability and the like are expected to remain as well as continuity (should your characters survive) is respected.

K. While you may keep posts in threads brief, you are expected to contribute substantive content as needed. For instance, you cannot just write a sentence saying "he stared blankly" when your character is asked to make a decision.

M. Absolutely NO God Modding. There are four types of god mods:

Autohit: This is when you attack another character or item or ravenous robot and decide the attack hits without giving them a chance to dodge based on who that person/item is controlled by.
Power Play: This is when you dodge or counter every single attack thrown at you. Consider your character's real chances.
Metagaming: This is when you use knowledge learned out of character and give to your character who has no way of knowing the information.
Controlling other characters that are not your own; the exception to this is NPC’s you create.*

N. In line with no god-modding, you are to respect the consequences of actions, decisions, and rolls made. This will be discussed further in game mechanics.

O. You are expected to be honest about outcomes you receive in-game.


A. Your character is not God, he/she is not immortal and he/she is not invincible. He/she is a mortal being.

B. In no way, shape or form are Mary Sues allowed on this site. Don't know what that is?

C. When making the profile for a character make it reasonably detailed based on what the template prompts of you. A simple profile with only one to two sentences will not be approved until more content is added. Important: Full-fleshed character applications will be made via PMs or secret threads with moderators and admin, while a basic profile will be posted for other users to see. This is to avoid people knowing meta-knowledge about your character in advanced and forcing players to actively seek out knowledge if it will be to their advantage. Also, because surprises are fun.

G. Exported characters you did not create are forbidden. This means if you apply for Ash Ketchum from Pokemon or Ruby Rose from RWBY, you can expect it to be booted. You may export your own original characters from other sites granted they are adapted to the setting AND you created one original character exclusive to the forum first.

H. Once your character(s) is/are approved you must include a link to their approved profile in your signature. This link is to be clearly marked with your character's name.

I. Do not comment in approved character threads that do not belong to you.

J. Please follow the character template provided in the Character Creations sub-forum.

M. For game cycles, you cannot create NPCs. These threads are exclusive to active characters only. NPCs may exist in the sense that they are mentioned or by some miracle your character survives.

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General Rules
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