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 Chat Etiquette; Posture, QB. Posture!

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Chat Etiquette; Posture, QB. Posture! Empty
PostSubject: Chat Etiquette; Posture, QB. Posture!   Chat Etiquette; Posture, QB. Posture! EmptyFri Jul 27, 2018 3:48 am


  • Don't start conflict. Seriously, just don't. If you find yourself having disagreements with other members or even go to the point of arguing, you're going to be kicked. No one wants to read walls of text of you and some other person typing in all caps. If your issues are related to roleplaying conflict or something on a professional level that needs to be discussed, then you can bring it up to the admin and mods in a separate channel (by typing #newchannelname). If not, then just stop. And if you don't do that, you'll get kicked and banned.

  • Don't go overboard with the censored stuff. We try to keep chatroom a family-friendly channel. Cursing is generally allowed and so are the occasional lewd jokes, but if you start getting explicit or even start harassing other members, you're going to get in some deep trouble.

  • No spamming. Do I still need to say this? If you start on spamming stuff you will be kicked. If you keep on doing it, you'll be banned from chat. Keep that up and you might as well kiss the forum goodbye.

  • Roleplay Forum Chat is for the sake of the Roleplay forum. This is pretty obvious, but let's be a little clear. The purpose of the chat is to talk about forum-related stuff. Sure you can have your talk and discuss your favorite video games and anime (because we love both), sure. But if it starts getting to the point that those who need to talk about forum stuff can no longer properly use chat because of it, it's unfair. This also goes for people who aren't members and aren't considering joining the forum. If you're firmly not going to join, please don't linger around for the fun of it. Chat for topics such as games, politics (please no, though), or other fun stuff can be moved to side channels

  • If nasty stuff happens while no authority's in chat, screenshot it. That way, we'll know what happened, what's going to be done about it and who may deserve a kick in the butt.

  • Please observe proper decorum. Be polite. Respect other people in chat. It's that simple. You're not allowed to talk behind the back of another member or cause scandal, nothing. If you have serious problems with a particular user, consider talking about it with a mod or the admin. If you get banned, don't rant about it to anyone. Wait it out or you'll probably get banned longer.

That's the rules! While the things listed below aren't rules, their things that might help you in the chatroom:

  • More likely than not, people are going to tell you they've posted in a thread. If someone tells you they've replied in your thread, then please acknowledge that you know this. Some people say "Tag" when they refer to having replied to a post and others will acknowledge a tag with a "~". But if you're not into that, that's fine.

  • While the absence thread is all good and dandy for telling us you'll be gone for awhile, it's also nice to let people know in chat as not everyone checks the forum as piously as others.

  • "/me" actions are permitted in chat, by try not to go over the top with them or it'll be more or less related to spamming or being a nuisance.
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Chat Etiquette; Posture, QB. Posture!
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