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 Game Mechanics; How The Probability Game Works

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Game Mechanics; How The Probability Game Works Empty
PostSubject: Game Mechanics; How The Probability Game Works   Game Mechanics; How The Probability Game Works EmptyFri Jul 27, 2018 3:48 am

Reset works differently from other RPG forums in the sense that aside from consequences being final, many will be the result of random chance. So aside from your typical action-reaction responses, DECISION PROMPTS and ROLLS will be made.

What is a decision prompt?

A decision prompt is when a character or group of characters are prompted by the game master (whoever is running the current game cycle) to make a choice. What that choice is will depend, but it will have an absolute effect that results in a certain outcome. This could mean someone dying. Someone being set free. A certain route within the game suddenly being closed off or made available. It's hard to say. However, once the decision is made, there is no reversing it no matter how you plead.

What are rolls?

When the gamemaster prompts a character to roll, this will also result in an outcome. A roll is basically rolling an online die (in chat during real-time) wherein specific numbers mean specific consequences based on the prompt. For instance, your characters might be asked to flip a coin which will result in someone who is trapped being set free. If the die rolls an even number, that person loses an eye or something. If the die rolls an odd number, she or he is relinquished. Rolls are different from decision prompts in that they have more instant consequences that may or may not have an absolute effect on your characters' fate in comparison to decision prompts. It also lets fate and luck play a part in your survival as it would in real life.

Now that those definitions are out of the way, it's time to move onto the main mechanics.


The situations your characters will be placed in will vary per game, but roleplaying mechanics are more or less the same.

1. Several players and their characters will be placed in one game (this number is usually six in order to keep it short). Only one character per player is allowed. If you have more than one character, you may choose who will be selected for the cycle.

2. The order of posting will be based on the first round of posts. For instance, if player A posted first, and then player B, C, D, E, and F followed, they must observe this for the rest of the cycle UNLESS a prompt to SHUFFLE is made.

3. Shuffling is at random and you will be asked to shuffle the order around by the Gamemaster. The sequence will then be judged based on rolled dies. This is to avoid the first person always being the first one to interact to a circumstance, which may give them an advantage.

4. The Probability Game will always take place in three stages. Per stage, at least one loss is expected. This may take the form of a character death (if one is unfortunate) or an injury.

5. In order to win the game, your character must successfully survive all three stages and have made the correct answers in the decision prompts. Different decision prompts may lead to different endings.

6. Once the game is concluded, all dead characters remain dead. Meanwhile, surviving characters will be free to post in the Aftermath forum which can entail character interactions between people he or she has met in the game, how he or she is coping or the like. The character may also be selected to join another cycle if one is unlucky.

Some other general info:
[*]In real time, cycles are expected to take place between two weeks or a month depending on the speed of posting and the choices made. However, they will not extend over a month most likely in order to avoid overlapping with other games.
[*]Based on the judgment of moderators, a user may be allowed to conduct their own cycle given that mechanics are not altered and a moderator supervises.
[*]While all Probability Games are random, you may find hints of continuity. For instance, if a girl happened to draw on a wall in a facility used for a second game, you might still find that drawing there. Whether they have any merit is debatable.
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Game Mechanics; How The Probability Game Works
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